No. 3659. Story Special (N1338N c/n 2)
Photographed at Cougar Mountain Airfield, Yelm, Washington, USA, 2003, by Cecil Hendricks

Story Special

08/23/2004. Remarks by Philo Lund: "Cecil Hendricks relates that the two Story Specials were built virtually simultaneously with Tom Story doing the welding and Richard J. 'Dick' Andrus doing the procurement of tubing for the aircraft. N1337N c/n 1 was owned by Tom Story and N1338N c/n 2 by Dick Andrus; N1337N first flew June 15, 1954. Subsequently Cecil Hendricks bought N1338N, he flipped the aircraft in the snow in 1974, and replaced the windshield and added additional head-rest roll protection when he repaired it in 1975. I flew the aircraft in 1998."

Created August 23, 2004