No. 5226. Avid Hauler (N4175M c/n 721)
Photographed at Pangborn Field, Wentachee, Washington, USA, November 21, 2004, by Philo Lund

Avid Hauler

04/15/2006. Remarks by Philo Lund: "Built by Timothy Hatfield in 1991. Owned and flown by Dan Lenarth of Wenatchee. N4175M has a 30 ft (9.14 m) wing span and the wings fold. The flaps and ailerons are combined and are full span, referred to as flaperons. It is a two place side-by-side cockpit with tail wheel fixed gear.

Controls are operated solely by pushrods and create a serious cage behind the pilot's seats. The fuselage has been lengthened by 2 ft (61 cm). The powerplant is a flat 4 cylinder 1,800 cc turbo Suburu with single ignition. Cruise speed is 100 mph (115 kmh). Mr. Lenarth usually flies out of Pangborn but keeps the aircraft garaged at home. It is a Experimental Class aircraft."

Created April 19, 2006