No. 2171. Breguet Br 763 Provence (c/n 6)
Photographed at Aérodrome de Chaubuisson, Fontenay-Tresigny, France, by Claude Malet

Breguet Br 763 Provence

11/30/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The sixth Br 763 produced for the French airline Air France, this aircraft was delivered as F-BASS on July 4, 1953. On June 11, 1964 it was deregistered as it was sold to the French AF, serial 306 code 82-PP.

For support flights to Algeria and other French territories the civil registration F-RAPP was used. When the aircraft was assigned to GAM 82 (Groupe Aérien Mixte, Joint Air Group) the registration changed to F-RBPP. In support of the atomic tests in the South Pacific the aircraft flew missions to Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Struck off charge the aircraft was subsequently converted to Restaurant Le Breguet at the airfield, carrying the fake registration F-BACC. The type is more commonly known as the Deux Ponts (two-decks), referring to the layout of the cabin."

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Created February 24, 2003