No. 2846. Croses LC-6 Criquet (F-PYFT c/n 72) "CARRE D'AS" (Ace of Diamonds)
Photographed at Cerny, France, June 2003, by Claude Malet

Croses LC-6 Criquet

08/24/2004. Remarks by Matthew Long: "The aircraft, following the Mignet Pou-du-Ciel planform, is a more recent design (first flown July 6, 1965) by Emilien Croses, a friend and 'disciple' of Mignet and a well-known designer in France. Croses and his sons have also redesigned the Criquet as the Criquet Leger or Light Cricket to meet French micro-light regualations with a Rotax two-stroke engine. Plans are still available for the Criquet and a number of other designs."

Created July 17, 2003