No. 4146. Rider R-2 (R52Y c/n 3) "Bumble Bee"
Photographed at Daugherty Field, Mines Field, Los Angeles, California, USA, July, 1933, by Elwood W. Mason

Rider R-2

05/01/2005. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This racer was built by Keith Rider in 1931, named "San Francisco 2", carried race number 132 and was owned and flown by Robert Clampett. In one of the 1931 National Air Races the R-2 ended first with a speed of 156.456 mph (251.791 kmh). When it appeared at the 1933 Nationals at Los Angeles George McGrew owned the R-2; it had a new engine cowling, was renamed "Bumble Bee", carried race number 1 and was flown by George Hague. Later in 1933 it was finished in a bright red-yellow paint scheme, it was seen in the 1934 Nationals in the same colours.

The "Bumble Bee" reappeared at the 1938 National Air Races in a modified form as the Bushey-McGrew B7M1. It was re-registered NX98Y, carried race number 17 and was finished in aluminium colour. It had a revised windshield, the cockpit was enclosed by a canopy, the headrest was faired into a deeper fuselage and a spinner was added to the propeller. While flown by George Dory in the Greve Trophy Race, the engine malfunctioned and Dory landed on 227th St. in Cleveland. The R-2 was completely destroyed and Dory was seriously injured when the aircraft ran into some trees."

Created May 1, 2005