No. 10186. S.E.A. 4 C2 French Air Force
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S.E.A. 4 C2

11/30/2010. The Société d'Etudes Aéronautiques (S.E.A.) was formed in 1916 by Henry Potez and Marcel Bloch. Together with Louis Coroller, they designed in 1917 a two-seat fighter-reconnaissance aircraft, the S.E.A. 4, which was powered by the new 370 hp Lorraine-Dietrich 12Da twelve-cylinder water-cooled engine. An equi-span two-bay biplane, the prototype flew in April 1918, and underwent official testing at Villacoublay on the 28th of that month.

As a result of this and subsequent operational evaluation at Le Plessis-Belleville and Perthe, 1,000 examples of the S.E.A. 4 C2 were ordered. Potez, Bloch and an industrialist, Bessonneau, established the Société Anjou Aéronautique to fulfil part of this order, the remainder being contracted to SFCA (Société Anonyme Française de Constructions Aéronautiques), the Ateliers d'Aviation L Janoir and SAIB (Societe Anonyme d'Applications Industrielles du Bois).

The first series S.E.A. 4 C2 was completed on Armistice Day, November 11, 1918, Anjou Aeronautique finishing 30 before going into liquidation. A new company was then set up at Aubervilliers, Aéroplanes Henry Potez, with the initial task of completing unfinished S.E.A. 4 C2s, a total of 115 reportedly being finished, and another 25 adapted as passenger transports being built as Potez VIIs. View also photo 3783.

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