No. 10485. Hergt Experimental Monoplane German Army Air Service
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Hergt Experimental Monoplane

02/28/2011. Remarks by Kees Kort: "This diminutive fighter was designed by Dipl.-Ing. F.D. Hergt in 1918. The private venture machine was actually built by the Fliegerersatz-Abteilung (F.E.A. 1, Pilot Reserve Section) in Altenburg (Thüringen). It had a span of 19 ft 8.3 in (6.00 m), lacked bracing wires and had a roll-over safety cage. Powered by an 80 hp Gnome rotary (or Oberursel equivalent), and tested by the well-known pilot Mario Scherff, it achieved a speed of 125 mph (201 kmh)."

Created February 28, 2011