No. 12068. Sloane H-2
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Sloane H-2

09/30/2015. Remarks by Kees Kort: "The pictured aircraft was designed by Charles H. Day who started own aircraft designs as well as for others around 1910. A successful designer but less gifted as a business man, he became chief designer of the Sloane Aeroplane Company of New York, New York, USA, around 1915. Here he designed the Sloane H-1 to H-3.

The Sloane H-2 two-seater had a 90 hp four-cylinder Hall Scot A7 water-cooled engine with four slot air inlets in the nose of the aircraft. Typically was the location of the narrow cooler just in front of the wing which partially obstructed the forward visibility of the pilot. The nose wheel was only intended to prevent rollover during landing, which often happened with inexperienced students.

In 1916 the Sloane Aeroplane Company changed its name to Sloane Aero Corporation, then to Sloane Aircraft Company, while it moved to Bound Brook, New Jersey. The same year it reorganized as Standard Aero Corporation at Plainfield, New Jersey. Three Models H-2 and nine Models H-3 were delivered to the USASC and the types were developed into the Standard J-1, of which one example is seen in the background.

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