No. 12463. Gerner G.I "Frankfurt"
Photograph from H.J. Nowarra

Gerner G.I

07/31/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The G.I was designed by Max Gerner and was built at Frankfurt, Germany in 1928, at a company owned by Gerner and two partners, Behrens and Koch. This two-seat sport and touring equal-span stagger-winged biplane was of metal construction, covered with fabric. Powerplant was a 35 hp Anzani three-cylinder radial engine, driving a two-bladed fixed pitch Reed duralumin propeller.

Named Frankfurt the aircraft was flown in 1928 and displayed at the International Aviation Exhibition held in Berlin in October 1928. The aircraft did not obtain orders, and the partners Behrens and Koch pulled out, hence Gerner formed Flugzeugbau Max Gerner later in 1928. The aircraft was lost in September 1929 when pilot Wiegmeyer crashed during takeoff, the pilot survived. No further G.Is were built.

Created July 31, 2014