No. 12468. A.E.G. C.VIII German Army Air Service
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A.E.G. C.VIII triplane

07/31/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Two prototypes of the experimental C.VIII were built, a biplane and a triplane. The biplane was a single-bay two-seater of October 1917. It had multi-spar wings, 'ear'-type radiators and tail surfaces quite unlike previous A.E.G. designs. It was powered by an 160 hp Mercedes D III six-cylinder in-line liquid-cooled engine.

The triplane version, pictured above and also referred to as the C.VIII Dr, was powered by the same engine and it showed no improvement in climb, while speed was reduced. It appeared in December 1917 and both versions did not develop beyond an experiment."

Created July 31, 2014