No. 12978. Friedrichshafen FF 17a
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Friedrichshafen FF 17a

07/31/2016. Remarks by Kees Kort: "This type was specially built by Friedrichshafen for the Bodensee-contest of 1914. The FF 17a was the first conventional tractor biplane of Friedrichshafen, starting a long series of successful biplane floatplanes developed right through the Great War. An 135 hp NAG six-cylinder engine powered the machine. Only a single example was built, first as a single float machine (FF 17a) later modified to a two-float machine (FF 17b). First flight was in May 1914.

This front view of the single float FF 17a gives a good view of the radiator, which was mounted on top of the engine. Remarkable are the V-form wing struts."

Created July 31, 2016