No. 8544. AGO Ao 192 V1 Kurier (Courier) (D-OAGO)
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 787

AGO Ao 192 V1 Kurier

01/31/2009. In 1934, after an absence of several years, the Ago name appeared again when a new aircraft factory was established at Oschersleben (Bode), 21 mls (35 km) south-west of Magdeburg. The main goal of the new company was license production, however in the summer of 1935 the first of a new multi-purpose aircraft, the Ao 192 V1 Kurier (Courier) was flown. The crew of two sat in a separate flight deck, while five passengers could be seated in the main cabin. It was powered by two 240 hp Argus As 10C eight-cylinder air-cooled inverted V-engines, and it was fitted with hydraulically-operated sideward retracting main undercarriage legs.

D-OAGO was soon followed by the second prototype, Ao 192 V2 (D-OCTB), primarily differing in having a raised and strut-brazed tail plane (subsequently also fitted to the V1). More changes to the design were introduced, the fuselage was redesigned to seat six passengers, the landing gear was configured to retract rearward into the lengthened engine nacelles, and the powerplants were replaced by two 270 hp Agus As l0E engines. All these features were incorporated into the third prototype, the Ao 192 V3, D-OAFW, that was flown in 1938.

Despite the large number of the projected versions, like transport, trainer, tourer, ambulance, bomber, photographic and reconnaissance aircraft, only six production aircraft were finished, including D-ODAF, D-OLER and

Created January 31, 2009