No. 8547. Aviatik P 15 B B.I German Army Air Service
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 3926

Aviatik P 15 B B.I

01/31/2009. Remarks by Kees Kort: "Aviatik produced two B-types, the B.I (in two versions, with two-bay and three-bay wings) with a vertical downward pointing exhaust pipe, and the B.II with the more common exhaust pipe over the top wing. These B-types were unarmed and carried the pilot in the back- seat, while the observer (usual an officer) was seated in front of the pilot. Characteristic are the sectioned radiators on both sides of the fuselage.

The company designation of this aircraft was Aviatik P 15 B, while the military designation was Aviatik B.I. Of this type 80 were produced, 72 for the German AAS and 8 for the Marine, the German Navy. Clearly visuable in this picture are the unique form and location of the Eisernes Kreuz (Iron Cross), exclusively used by Aviatik. In the beginning markings and their seizes were not controlled, later the standardization of the markings became common practice."

Created January 31, 2009