No. 8627. Nürnberg-Fürth Stahleindecker (Steel Monoplane)
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Nürnberg-Fürth Stahleindecker (Steel Monoplane)

02/28/2009. Remarks by Kees Kort: "This is the very rare two-seat Stahleindecker designed by Ing. Ph. Enders in 1911 and built by the Flugtechnische Gesellschaft Nürnberg-Fürth E.V. (F.G.N.F.). Characteristic were: the pilot and passenger were seated under the wing in a sort of gondola with a large windscreen, the pilot (in the back seat) had a steering wheel which came down from the wing above, and the long and narrow tail-boom.

The 1911 Stahleindecker was a development of a similar aircraft Enders had designed in 1910, that was based on the machines of Hans Grade, but then of all wood construction and without a windshield for the pilot and his passenger.

After the appearance in 1911 of this steel monoplane, which was duly noted in the contemporary press as a military type, nothing was heard from the machine nor F.G.N.F."

Created February 28, 2009