No. 8850. Turner RT-14 Meteor (R263Y c/n T-11) "Pesco Special"
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Turner RT-14 Meteor

04/30/2009. Colonel Roscoe Turner of the Nevada National Guard designed this racer in 1936. Engineered by professor Howard Barlow of the University of Minnesota the aircraft was constructed at the Lawrence W. Brown Aircraft Company of Los Angeles, California. Of a mixed wooden-metal-fabric construction and fitted with a 1,000 hp Pratt & Whitney SBG-177 Twin Wasp Senior, the aircraft was finished in mid-1936.

Before the first flight, Turner concluded the aircraft was too heavy, so it was dismantled and shipped to Chicago, Illinois, after Turner redesigned the wing the aircraft was rebuild at the factory of E.M. "Matty" Laird. Carrying the registration R263Y, listed as Racer number 29, and named "Ring Free Meteor" (sponsor was Ring Free Oil), the aircraft entered the National Air Races (NAR) held at Cleveland, Ohio, September 3 to 6, 1937, finishing as third in the Thompson Trophy Race.

Roscoe Turner entered the 1938 NAR (Cleveland, September 3 to 5) with the aircraft renamed "Pesco Special" (sponsor was PESCO, Pump Engineering Service Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio), winning the Thompson Trophy Race. For the 1939 NAR the aircraft carried the registration NR263Y and the name "Miss Champion" (sponsor was Champion Spark Plugs). Turner achieved the first place in the Thompson Trophy Race again and became the first and only two-and three-time winner (1934, 1938, 1939).

The aircraft is also known as the Laird-Turner Special and Laird-Turner LTR-14, and eventually it was reregistered NX263Y. After Turner had died in 1970, the aircraft was donated to the NASM in 1972.

Created April 30, 2009