No. 9357. Breguet L.2
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Breguet L.2

10/31/2009. Remarks by Kees Kort: "The picture shows one of the myriad versions of the Breguet biplane, which was produced between 1910 and 1914. Breguet used a complex letter-number designation for the engine used in the machine. This machine uses a 70 hp Renault engine driving a four bladed propeller. In the Breguet system it was then coded as L (= Renault) 2 (70 hp). It might seem strange to code the Renault engine with the letter L, but the letter R was already taken by the R.E.P. engine. Code 2 stood here for 70 hp, where code 1 denoted 50 hp. Very clever, but difficult.

The machine had a tricycle undercarriage with a nose wheel. Of course there were undercarriage skids to prevent the machine from nosing over. The big bulb in the front of the fuselage is the petrol tank. After the tank is a compartment holding 2 persons and the pilot at the back. Imagine that the Breguet Biplane managed to set a world record for bringing it up with seven passengers! The whole fuselage was a metal construction and in this version the big wings are two-bay. The Royal Flying Corps (RFC) around August 1912 bought two machines of this exact type (L.2). They lasted till December 1913 but did very little flying, at most a few hours."

Created October 31, 2009