No. 9746. Rumpler 6G 2 G.III German Army Air Service
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Rumpler 6G 2 G.III

02/28/2010. The G.III was a long-range bomber produced under the Rumpler Flugzeug-Werke company designation 6G 2, the first digit indicating the year (1916), the letter indicating the aircraft category (Gro▀flugzeug, large aircraft), and the second digit signifying the design sequence in that category and year.

About 90 were produced, fitted with two 260 hp Mercedes D IVa six-cylinder water-cooled, in-line engines driving pusher propellers. With a crew of three (pilot, observer, gunner), it was armed with two 0.312 in (7.92 mm) Parabellum LMG 08/15 machineguns and could carry a bomb load of 551 lb (250 kg).

Created February 28, 2010