No. 10789. K & S SA102.5 Cavalier (VH-EJJ c/n AACA/199)
Photographed at Clifton, Queensland, Australia, March 13, 2011, by Ian McDonell

K & S SA102.5 Cavalier

08/31/2011. Acquiring the plans for the SA102.5 in 1972, it took Gunter Barthel of Auckland, New Zealand, thirteen years of construction to complete the aircraft, it was registered in April 1986. After 24 years of flying in New Zealand, its registration was cancelled on March 2, 2010, as the aircraft was exported to Australia. There it was registered as VH-EJJ on the following March 17, again to Gunter Barthel, this time in Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

Read also the remarks in photo 12225.

Created August 31, 2011