No. 12077. Faint 10KT (19-4721 c/n 001) "L'il Tinny"
Photographed at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, Cressbrook, Queensland, Australia, May 18, 2012, by Ian McDonell
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Faint 10KT

09/30/2013. Richard and Glenda Faint of Bellbird Park, Queensland, Australia, concurrently built a pair of the 10KT unique homebuilt "from scratch", there are no plans, and design and construction was started in July 2003.

Constructed of aluminum, and fitted with a 50 hp Rotax 503 two-stroke engine, it has an empty weight of 529 lb (240 kg) and a maximum takeoff weight of 904 lb (410 kg). The aircraft has a never to exceed speed of 114 mph (183 kmh), a cruise speed of 86 mph (130 kmh) and a stall speed of 44 mph (70 kmh).

Both aircraft were listed on the Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) register. The first, registered 19-4721 (c/n 001) and named L'il Tinny, had its maiden flight at Watts Bridge in September 2006. In 2007 L'il Tinny, won the Scott Winton Innovative Design Award at the RA-Aus National Fly-In, and, as of this day, it has 258 trouble free flying hours.

The second aircraft, registered 19-4722 (c/n 002) and named Toucan, was first flown in July 2008. On March 28, 2010 the Toucan had 66 trouble free flying hours when it had an engine failure. The pilot made a heavy emergency landing in a field at Regency Downs, near Gratton. The pilot was severely injured, the aircraft was a write-off.

Created September 30, 2013