No. 13046. Andiel Typhoon TD1 (19-3882)
Photographed at Cowra, New South Wales, Australia, November 18, 2015, by Ian McDonell

Andiel Typhoon TD1

12/31/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Willy Andiel of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, designed and built the Typhoon, was a side-by-side two-seat low-wing monoplane, constructed of aluminum alloy. The wings and all-flying tailplane were removable for trailering and storage in a single car garage. The ultra-light was powered by an 100 hp Volkswagen RG TT 2000 four-cylinder belt drive engine.

The Typhoon was registered on March 4, 2003 and first flew the following April 10. Only eight years later, July 14, 2011 the aircraft was withdrawn from use. Homebuilt Aviation Pty. Ltd. was formed in 2002 to supply the Typhoon as a kit by in both tail-wheel and tri-gear configurations, but reportedly only the pictured example was built.

Created December 31, 2016