No. 6348. Forney F-1 Aircoupe (VH-LDN c/n 5709)
Photographed at Cowra, New South Wales, Australia, 1995, by Ian McDonell

Forney F-1 Aircoupe

02/28/2009. Fred Weick designed the Erco (Engineering and Research Corp. of Riverdale, Maryland) model 310 prototype that was first flown in October 1937, followed by 112 production aircraft, designated 415 Ercoupe, between March 25, 1940, and December 6, 1941 (when the USA entered WW II). Another 5,070 were produced after the hostilities till production ceased in 1951. Production rights changed hands a few times, including to Sanders of Riverdale, Maryland, Vest of Denver, Colorado and Univair of Aurora, Colorado, however none produced the Ercoupe.

The Forney Aircraft Manufacturing Co. of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, bought the type certificate from Univair in April 1955, the first aircraft, redesignated F-1 Aircoupe and registered N6130C (c/n 5600), flew for the first time on February 18, 1956 and a total of 115 aircraft (c/n 5600 to 5714) were produced by 1959, when production was halted. Reportedly the company used the marketing name Fornaire from 1958, although the name was not used to register aircraft.

Thereafter the type was produced by a number of companies (and significantly modified) by:

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