No. 8556. Consolidated 21 N4Y-1 (V110) US Coast Guard
Photograph from USCG

Consolidated 21 N4Y-1

01/31/2009. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This aircraft was ordered by the USAAC as a YPT-11B for the USCG. Delivered in 1932, it was based at USCG Air Station Cape May, New Jersey, and used as a training aircraft. The cost was US$8,000 (US$121,000 in 2007 dollars). Initially, it was assigned the serial number CG10.

In 1934, the USCG adopted a new serial number system consisting of three digits assigned to aircraft in four categories. The "300" numbers were assigned to land-based aircraft and this N4Y was assigned serial number 310.

On October 13, 1936, a third serial number system was adopted, i.e., the serial number consisted of the letter "V" followed by a three digit number thus this aircraft became V110; the "10" indicated that this was the tenth aircraft purchased by the USCG.

In 1939, this N4Y-1 was based at USCG Air Station Biloxi, Mississippi, and was also used for training at Air Station Cape May. The aircraft remained in service until 1941."

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Created January 31, 2009