No. 8559. Viking OO-1 (V152) US Coast Guard
Photograph from USCG

Viking OO-1

01/31/2009. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "In December 1931, the USCG acquired a French-built Schreck-F.B.A. 17 HT 4 seaplane and it was assigned serial number CG8. (In 1936, it was assigned the serial number V107.) In the meantime, the Viking Flying Boat Co. was founded 1930 in New Haven, Connecticut, and they acquired the manufacturing rights to build the Schreck aircraft in the US. After their experience with the French-built aircraft, the USCG ordered five US-built aircraft from Viking and designated them OO-1. Known as the Flying Bathtub, these aircraft were assigned to five USCG Air Stations in the US.

The pictured aircraft, V152, was delivered in October 1936. On March 29, 1939, it was assigned to USCG Air Station St. Petersburg, Florida. The aircraft was being used for practicing water landings when it struck a submerged object which ripped a large hole in the plywood fuselage. The pilot applied full power and was able to become airborne. He flew back to the air station, landed and attempted to reach the seaplane ramp but the fuselage filled with water and it sank. It was raised but the aircraft was too badly damaged and it was scrapped."

Created January 31, 2009