No. 10601. Bakeng Duce (C-GHWZ c/n 155)
Photographed by Bob McLeod

Bakeng Duce

05/31/2011. Design and construction of the original Duce were started by Gerald M. Bakeng (an aeronautical engineer from Boeing) of Everett, Washington, USA, in October 1969, and it was first flown on April 2, 1970, registered as N70BD (c/n BD-01). The two-seat high-performance parasol-wing design received the EAA's ''Outstanding New Design'' and ''Design Improvement'' awards in 1972.

With fabric covered wings of mixed steel tube and wood construction, the remainder was of fabric covered steel tube construction, and the aircraft was powered by an 125 hp Lycoming O-290-G four-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine. Gerald Bakeng sold hundreds sets of plans to home-builders and presently some sixty are still registered in the USA.

The rights to the Bakeng Duce were acquired by Austin Cole in March 1999, who changed the type name to Deuce to distinguish his product from earlier aircraft, and Cole formed the Bakeng Deuce Airplane Factory at Kenosha, Wisconsin. These Deuce models were fitted with glass fiber parts as cowling, fuselage topping, wheel pants, etc.

The pictured aircraft was built by B. Meyer in 1976, it was subsequently sold to Dave Thomas of Ganges, British Columbia, while Michael and Carol Holt of Sidney, British Columbia, became the next owners on April 18, 1985. September 15, 1989 the aircraft was acquired by Garth Sponagle of Notre-Dame, New Brunswick, and it was registered to its present owner, Wendel Goodrich of Sackville, on June 12, 1991.

Created May 31, 2011