No. 11255. Aerial Experiment Association Aerodrome No. 4 Silver Dart (C-IIIB c/n Mach 0.046) "Silver Dart 5"
Photographed at CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada, May 20, 2009, by Bob McLeod

Aerial Experiment Association Aerodrome No. 4 Silver Dart

03/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "To commemorate the 100-years of powered flight in Canada, this flying replica of the original Silver Dart was built over a period of eight months by Ed Lubitz and Mark Taylor of Bright, Ontario, assisted by many others organized in the not-for-profit Aerial Experiment Association 2005 Inc.

Using copies of the original drawings the replica was built to the original specifications with concessions to modern materials. Materials used were bamboo, red cedar, ash, and Dracon, powerplant used for flight was a 40 hp Kohler two-cylinder engine. For safety pedals were fitted to control the rudder and brakes were fitted to the wheels.

The first flight took place at Hamilton, February 6, 2009, with Canadian astronaut and aerobatic pilot Bjarni Tryggvason at the controls. Due to expected bad weather conditions on the scheduled February 23, 2009, the commemorative flights (five in all) were made a day earlier, by Tryggvason at Baddeck Bay, Nova Scotia. Subsequently the aircraft toured Canada and in November 2010 the National Air Force Museum of Canada became the home for the Silver Dart replica, it was unveiled on February 23, 2011.

For static display the engine has been replaced by a replica of the original Curtiss engine, fitted with a display prop, and copies of the original control wheel and seat have been installed, while the rudder pedals and brakes are removed. The aircraft left the museum in October 2011 and is presently stored until the Bell Museum at Baddeck has prepaired a display area for the Silver Dart replica.

Created March 31, 2012