No. 12802. Bittner Bittner-Four (C-FGJW c/n 311228)
Photographed at Waterville, Nova Scotia, Canada, April 9, 2015, by Bob McLeod

Bittner Bittner-Four

06/30/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg and Johan Visschedijk: "The Bittner Four was a one-of-a-kind four-seat homebuilt aircraft design of Wilfred Bittner of Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada. The aircraft featured foldable wings for easy hangar storage and transport and in the construction several parts and components of a Piper PA-12 were used. Initially the aircraft was fitted with an 125 hp engine, later it had an 160 hp engine. The type was not intended for amateur construction.

Registered on May 14, 1976, it was first flown in 1976 after eight years of building; initially it was licensed to carry only two people. The Bittner-Four changed hands 36 years later, it was registered to the new owner Andrew Bisceglia of London, Ontarion on May 3, 2012. Only eight months later, March 1, 2013, it was reregistered to Robert Kellar of Edmonton, Alberta. The present owner, Robert Kenalty of Enfield, Nova Scotia, had the aircraft registered on May 1, 2015.

TYPE: Four-seat light aircraft.
WINGS: Strut-braced high-wing monoplane. Constant chord. Composite construction, with aluminum ribs and wooden spar, fabric covered. V-struts bracing each side. Wings foldable.
FUSELAGE: Conventional steel tube structure, fabric covered.
TAIL UNIT: Conventional wire-braced tail unit. Large dorsal fin. Horn-balanced rudder.
LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tailwheel type.
POWERPLANT: Initially an 125 hp Lycoming O-290-D flat-four engine, driving a two-blade propeller. Later it was re-engined with an 160 hp Lycoming O-320 engine.
ACCOMMODATION: Four seats in fully-enclosed cabin.

Created June 30, 2015