No. 3257. Fokker F.IV A-2 (64234 c/n 1801) US Army Air Service
Photograph from NASA, taken at Langley Research Center, Virginia, USA, March 8, 1943

Fokker F.IV A-2

08/31/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands as a twelve-seat airliner. Fokker produced two aircraft, as no orders were forthcoming from airline companies they were sold to the USAAS as transport aircraft. They arrived at McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio, USA in March 1922 and on June 30 they were designated T-2 and serialed 64233 and 64234.

The first aircraft (64233) became famous when it made the first non-stop coast-to-coast flight across the USA in May 1923. Later it received the McCook Field Project Number P-253 and was surveyed February 26, 1924 and is preserved at the NASM at Washington, D.C.

The second aircraft (64234) was converted to a flying ambulance and was redesignated A-2. It received the McCook Field Project Number P-243 and was surveyed February 21, 1924."

Created January 28, 2004