No. 3863. North American NA-278 XB-70A Valkyrie (62-0001 c/n 278-1) US Air Force
Photograph from NASA, taken at Edwards AFB, California, USA, 1967

North American NA-278 XB-70A Valkyrie

Original photo caption:

"This side view shows the the number 1 XB-70A during take-off rotation. The high angle of attack is a result of the combined effects of aircraft weight along with the performance of the propulsion system. The XB-70A, capable of flying three times the speed of sound, was the world's largest experimental aircraft in the 1960s. Two XB-70A aircraft were built, serial numbers 62-0001 and 62-0207. Ship number 1 was flown by NASA Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA, in a high-speed research program."

Created January 7, 2005