No. 4582. Vultee V-72 A-31A Vengeance (AF769) US Army Air Forces
Photograph from USAF, taken March 9, 1943

Vultee V-72 A-31A Vengeance

09/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The British Purchasing Commission in the USA ordered from Vultee 200 aircraft of the V-72 Vengeance II, allotted the s/n AF745 to AF944. They were license-produced by Northrop, however, most were retained for use by the USAAF, eventually 82 were actually delivered to the British and were shipped to Australia. The first aircraft, AF745, was converted to the XA-31A and was allotted the USAAF s/n 42-35824, the remaining aircraft were designated A-31, but retained their British s/n."

Created September 30, 2005