No. 11657. Koolhoven F.K.43 (F-ALPO c/n 4301)
Photographed ca. 1934-1935, source unknown,

Koolhoven F.K.43

11/30/2012. Remarks by Dominique Morin: "The first F.K.43 built, the pictured aircraft was originally registered to A.J.L. Hoevels Jr. of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as PH-AFW on March 2, 1931; it was stricken from the Dutch registry on January 12, 1932 as "Sold to France". The aircraft reappeared on the French registry on April 18, 1932, redesignated Baxter F.K.43, new owner was Pierre H.Tabourin of Boulogne-sur-Seine, France, the type subsequently being marketed by S.A.F.A. (Société Anonyme Français Aéronautique).

In January 1934 the aircraft was transferred to the Aero-Club de Paris, Paris. Soon thereafter it was involved in an accident, as pictured above. Upon landing the landing gear became entangled in the tall grass and the aircraft nosed-over. The four occupants, my grandfather André Morin (pilot), my grandmother Simone Morin, Louis Croilas (copilot) and his wife Raymonde Croilas, escaped injuries, although Raymonde turned blind a few day later. Here André Morin is demonstrating to Louis Crolais (left) how it happened."

Created November 30, 2012