No. 11091. Kawasaki Ki-61-II Hien ("17" c/n 640) "Tony" Imperial Japanese Army Air Force
Photographed by Jun Oizumi

Kawasaki Ki-61-II Hien

12/31/2011. Remarks by Jun Oizumi: "This Ki-61-II Hien (Swallow) is the sole Ki-61 survivor except for the Ki-61-I currently being under restoration in New Zealand.

The Ki-61-II was surrendered to US forces in August 1946 at Yokota AB and it had been on display as a gate guard of Yokota AB until December 1953 when it was returned to the Japan Aviation Society. The Society lent this plane to amusement parks and department stores in various parts of Japan for attraction of local pageants for many years. It had been badly damaged by souvenir hunters during tours.

In December 1962, it was delivered to the USAF at Tachikawa AB for restoration, which was completed in March 1963 and subsequently it was officially returned to the Japan Aviation Society at the Air Fair in Tamagawa amusement park in Tokyo. The plane had been preserved in Gifu JASDF base until 1986 when it was loaned to Kamikaze Peace Memorial Hall in Chiran-city in Kyushu where it is still on display."

Created December 31, 2011