No. 6321. Aero Vodochody L-39ZA Albatros (N405ZA c/n 332647)
Photographed at Anchorage, Alaska, USA, by Lars Opland

Aero Vodochody L-39ZA Albatros

05/31/2010. This was one of eight L-39 aircraft flown into Alaska by Security Aviation of Anchorage. The aircraft were not properly demilitarized and could still carry and use 'destructive devices' like a rocket-pod, hence they were seized by the FBI on February 3, 2006. By August 11, 2006, the last two of the aircraft were released by court order, and the batch of eight aircraft (only two airworthy) was sold by the trustee of the now bankrupt Security Aviation, to a company of Chino, California. Subsequently all eight aircraft became airworthy:

L-39C N150XX c/n 031617 (built 1980, ex Russian AF)
L-39C N44307 c/n 432917 (built 1984, ex Russian AF)
L-39C N50XX c/n 931331 (built 1979, ex Russian AF)
L-39C N61XX c/n 332520 (built 1983, ex Russian AF)
L-39ZA N1205W c/n 633911 (built 1986, ex Russian AF)
L-39ZA N394ZA c/n 132033 (built 1981, ex Romanian AF s/n 133)
L-39ZA N397ZA c/n 232412 (built 1982, ex Romanian AF s/n 112)
L-39ZA N405ZA c/n 332647 (built 1983, ex Romanian AF s/n 147)

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Created April 19, 2007