No. 11059. North American NA-102 P-51B Mustang (FX883 c/n 102-24028) US Army Air Forces
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North American NA-102 P-51B Mustang

12/31/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Produced for the Lend-Lease program as a P-51B-1-NA under the USAAF s/n 43-12372, this aircraft was destined for the RAF as a Mustang F.Mk.III with RAF s/n FX883. Upon delivery to the RAF on December 30, 1943, the aircraft was immediately returned to the USAAF.

Despite the British s/n and colors on the fin, this aircraft was already in USAAF service when the photo above was taken, for some reason the US markings on the fuselage have been partly retouched out and partly faded. In other photos the markings are shown properly.

Eventually the British markings were removed, the USAAF tail number was applied, and the aircraft was assigned to 354th Fighter Group, 353rd Fighter Squadron. The aircraft was reported missing in action on February 21, 1944."

Created December 31, 2011