No. 3505. Bellanca J-300 Long Distance Special (NR796W c/n 3004) "Miss Veedol"
Photographed by Graham Peterson

Bellanca J-300 Long Distance Special

03/15/2006. Remarks by Lars Opland: "The photo caption did call it out as a CH-400 Skyrocket, the menu as a CH-300 Skyrocket, but it isn't one of those, either.

The original Miss Veedol was a Bellanca J-300 Long Distance Special, delivered with a Wright J-6 Whirlwind, later fitted with a Pratt & Whitney
R-1340 Wasp for her famous trans-Pacific flight. This replica carries a Pratt & Whitney R-985 of slighty smaller diameter.

The Skyrocket's Wasp C-1 engine is similar to the second engine on Miss Veedol, but the nose of the standard Skyrocket was noticeably different. The J-300 Special also had a 3 ft 5 inch longer wingspan than either of the CH-300 or CH-400, visible as a third rib bay in the tips and duplicated on the replica, so it is a J-300 Long Distance Special and nothing else. The rudders were interchangeable and not a recognition feature."

For more information see the replica builders website Spirit of Wenatchee. View also photo 5199.

Created June 1, 2004