No. 6290. Aerocomp Comp Air 7 (N660TP c/n 997208)
Photographed at Arlington, Washington, USA, 2004, by Graham Peterson

Aerocomp Comp Air 7

09/30/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The aircraft was built from a kit supplied by Aerocomp, builders were Brad T. Payne and Jefferey B. Wilson of La Grande, Oregon, USA, in 2000. It received its CofA on May 10, 2001. On February 22, 2013 the aircraft was reregistered to R.L. Nurse, also of La Grande. The registration was cancelled on June 3, 2013 as the aircraft was exported to Canada, where it was registered as C-FEDE and 'Air Comp Comp 7SL' to Frank Schlueter of 100 Mile House, British Columbia on July 17, 2013."

Created March 31, 2007