No. 6699. Javelin V6 STOL (N903PD c/n G4852)
Photographed by Graham Peterson

Javelin V6 STOL

07/21/2007. This aircraft, at the FAA Registry as "Miltenberger Family Fun", was built by the plans supplied by Dave Blanton (Javelin Aircraft, Augusta, Kansas) for a four-seat aircraft, using Piper Tri-Pacer components and a car engine. The type is also known as 'Defunky Cub'. During the construction of this aircraft it has been modified as described by the builder, Daniel Miltenberger:

"We used David Blanton's plans from Kansas with his 2 to 1 drive and a 1984, 3.8 litre V6 Ford engine. It has a Cessna 175 prop and started as a Tri-pacer which we turned into a conventional gear and lengthened the fuselage 2 ft (61 cm) and each wing 17 in (43 cm). On the engine, we used Michigan 77 bearings and forged Wisco pistons and ground the cam for 4,200 rpm.

We are using a "fish" carb. that is self leaning. It took a year and a half to build, we've flown it 13 years and have put 925 hours on the same engine. We love the visibility and enjoy sight seeing. It cruises at 115 mph (185 kmh) on 7.2 gal (27.25 l)/h of auto fuel of course."

Created July 21, 2007