No. 10082. Aero A-12 (A-12.4 c/n 4) Czechoslovakian Air Force
Photographed at Letecké Muzeum, Kbely, Prague, Czech Republic, September 2009, by Chris Pinn

Aero A-12

10/31/2010. Designed and built by Letadla Továrny Aero, commonly known as Aero, the A-12 light bomber and military reconnaissance aircraft belonged to the most-used types of Czechoslovakian military aviation in the 1920s. The two-seat biplane was of mixed construction, the steel tube fuselage and the wooden wings were covered with canvas. Powerplant was a 237 hp Maybach Mb-Iva six-cylinder, water-cooled, in-line engine, its louvered radiator was of typical Aero design.

The aircraft was armed with a fixed forward firing 0.303 in (7.7 mm) Vickers machinegun, and twin 0.303 in Lewis machineguns on a flexible mount for observer. First flown in 1923, the A-12 also participated, beside its regular service operations, in numerous domestic competitions, and in 1924 obtained four international and four national records. Some twenty aircraft appeared on the civil registry around 1930.

Created October 31, 2010