No. 4686. Marganski Bielik
Photographed at Polish Aviation Museum, Cracow, Poland, July, 2005, by Chris Pinn

Marganski Bielik

10/31/2005. Remarks by Chris Pinn: "From sign in front of the aircraft:
In 1997, at the Edward Marganski's company, the concept of composite, school and training aircraft was born. Basing on the composite gliders constructions of his own design, and the researches run by the PZL Mielec on the supersonic M-16 project, the process of designing the small jet aircraft, not only for training, but also for combat use simulations, started. Within two years, an aerodynamic concept was carried out with big help of engineer Krzysztof Kubala.

Already in May 1999, the full scale mock-up was presented to the members of the national Aviation Council. After collecting sufficient finances for such an advanced project, the built of the prototype started. Problems with finding a suitable engine delayed the roll-out. In the meantime, the name of the aircraft changed from the Iskra (Spark) II to Bielik (Eagle, haliaeetus albicilla). The protoytpe is powered with the General Electric J85 engine, rated at 3,042 lb (1,380 kg) of thrust. In serial aircraft, an engine up to 3,968 lb (1,800 kg) of thurst, equipped with simple vector steering system is envisaged.

The aircraft is planned to be produced in two versions: the military version for the basic and advanced training, aerobatics, navigation and the low altitude flights - equipped with the virtual combat simulation system. The civil version is envisaged for the aerobatics and the mid range low altitude passes.
Shown is the full scale mock-up."

Created October 31, 2005