No. 7363. Harbin Y-11 (3884 c/n Y1102010) "Chan"
Photographed at Datanshang Aviation Musuem, Beijing, China, October 30, 2007, by Chris Pinn

Harbin Y-11

01/31/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Prototype of the Yunshuji-11 (Y-11, Transport-11) was first flown on December 30, 1975. Powered by two 285 hp Quzhou Huosai-6A nine-cylinder radial engines, it had a crew of two and could accommodate seven passengers normally, with a removable jump-seat for an eighth passenger. In the cargo configuration it could haul 1,918 lb (870 kg). The first fifteen of the forty produced were used as crop-dusters."

Created January 31, 2008