No. 11865. Pfalz D.XV German Army Air Service
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 4231

Pfalz D.XV

03/31/2013. Certainly one of the last, if not the last, single-seat fighter to be accepted for production in Germany during WW I - having completed its Typen-Prüfung (type test) on November 4, 1918, a few days before the Armistice - the D.XV participated in the third D-type Competition in October 1918.

Departing from previous Pfalz practice in having the fuselage suspended between the single-bay wings and all flying and landing wires deleted, the D.XV was developed during the summer of 1918, and flew in D.XVf and D XV (Spezial) (Special) versions in the competition. The former had unbalanced ailerons and the latter had balanced ailerons which were adopted for the series version, both having the 185 hp BMW IIIa engine, although the Daimler D IIIa of 180 hp could also be fitted.

The D.XV was highly maneuverable and possessed a good performance, but was allegedly tail heavy and difficult to land. Too late to see operational service, several series D.XVs were completed and Allied inspection teams found 74 finished D.XV fuselages at the Pfalz Flugzeug-Werke in September 1919.

Created March 31, 2013