No. 5597. Hawker Fury Mk.I (LA610) Royal Air Force
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 4398, 4400, 4555 & 4557

Hawker Fury Mk.I

08/31/2006. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Ordered as Tempest Mk.III, but completed to Specification F.2/43 as one of four Fury Mk.I prototypes, the aircraft was, as pictured above and in this view (APS Photo No. 4398), fitted with a 2,340 hp Rolls-Royce Griffon Mk.85 driving two three-bladed contra-rotating propellers, becoming the second prototype to fly on November 27, 1944. Later the engine was replaced by a 2,550 hp Bristol Centaurus Mk.XV.

Ultimately, in 1946 LA610 was fitted with a 2,340 hp Napier Sabre Mk.VII, also driving a four-bladed propeller, as seen in these views, also driving a four-bladed propeller. In this configuration it became the fastest piston-engine fighter Hawker ever produced, achieving a top level speed of 485 mph (780 kmh). Later it was registered as G-AKRZ and finally it was scrapped in 1949."

Created August 31, 2006