No. 5741. General Dynamics F-111A (63-9778 c/n A1-13) US Air Force
Photographed at Edwards AFB, California, USA, 1973, by Mark Robinson

General Dynamics F-111A

09/30/2006. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This was no. 13 of the original 18 test and development aircraft, serialed 63-9766 to 63-9783. The aircraft is shown while being modified to the Transonic Aircraft Technology (TACT) test vehicle and flew for the first time in TACT configuration in the Fall of 1973. TACT was a joint USAF/NASA project lasting for two decades beginning in 1971.

In October 1985 it flew in another modified form as Advanced Fighter Technology Integration aircraft, in another USAF/NASA project. It is preserved at Edwards AFB.

The F-111 variants have been given over a dozen nicknames, the best known one is Aardvark. The only official name was given to the EF-111A electronic warfare variant: Raven."

Created September 30, 2006