No. 9929. Stinson-Faucett F-19 (OB-R-141, OB-V-141 c/n 26)
Photographed in Peru by Steve Rocketto

Stinson-Faucett F-19

06/30/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "Stinson of Detroit, Michigan, USA, introduced the 420 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp C powered SM-6 Detroiter in 1929. Of the twelve SM-6Bs (increased weight) produced, the last, NX219W c/n 2012, was acquired by Elmer "Slim" J. Faucett of Lima, Perú, and reregistered OA-BBI. He used it as a pattern aircraft for a larger and stronger version, powered by a 600 hp Wasp S1H1-G, and designated F.19.

From 1934 till 1946, thirty were produced by the service department of his airline Compania de Avación Faucett, for use by the airline and the Peruvian AF. The pictured aircraft was initially registered OB-PAI-141, in 1954 the system was altered and the aircraft became OB-R-141. By 1969 it was in private hands and the registration had changed to OB-V-141.

Presently the aircraft is on outdoors static display at the headquarter of Ala Aérea Nº3 (3rd Air Wing), Rodríguez Ballón International Airport, Arequipa, in Peruvian AF colors and carrying the fake code 001."

Created June 30, 2010