No. 5252. Zeppelin P (LZ55)
Photographed at the mouth of the Vardar river, at the Thessaloniki front, Greece, ca. May 1916, source unknown

Zeppelin P

04/19/2006. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "German Zeppelins attacked French forces at the Thessaloniki front three times in 1916. The last sortie, on May 5, was caught in the searchlight of HMS Agamemnon and was brought down by the ship's 12-pounder in the forward bridge.

04/19/2006. Remarks by Misko Ruvidic: "This is an original photograph from a handmade 6x9 in (152x229 mm) negative developed in the tent of the Surgical Hospital to which my grandfather, General Zarco Ruvidic, a Colonel at the time, was posted."

Created April 19, 2006