No. 11061. Culp Special (VH-ZUZ c/n CS-1947)
Photographed Langley Park Fly-in, Perth, Western Australia, Australia, October 15, 2011, by Peter Rye

Culp Special

12/31/2011. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg "The Culp Special was an original design biplane of Mr. Steve Culp. It was loosely based on the Steen Skybolt and the first example was first flown end-March 1996. The fully aerobatic sport aircraft, which had a 360 hp Vedeneyev (OKBM) M14P radial engine, was configured to externally resemble a pre-WW II biplane type and initially was built for personal use by the designer.

Plans (and later kits) were made available from Culp Specialties and at least 3 further aircraft had been completed by mid-2005, all powered by the same engine type. The 400 hp M14PF or 450 hp M14R engine was available as option. At least one aircraft was exported to Australia (became VH-ZUZ)."

Created December 31, 2011