No. 7474. Aero Design 680 Super (VH-PSG c/n 680-422-96)
Photographed at Parafield, South Australia, Australia, 1969, by Peter Rye

Aero Design 680 Super

02/28/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Although the type is commonly known as the Aero Commander, this aircraft was manufactured in 1956 as a model 680 Super. It was first flown registered as N6870S and it flew for most of its 34-year career in Australia, where it was first registered to Snowy Mountain Hydro Electric Authority as VH-SMA in May 1961.

It was reregistered as VH-SMG to Charter Aviation in November 1967, and reregistered again the following December, subsequently owned by Air Oasis, SAATAS (South Australian Air Taxis), R. Cavill Holdings, Lombard Australia and finally Haycast Holdings. The aircraft was purchased by the South Australian Aviation Museum at Adelaide Airport in February 1990. The museum recently transferred to a new location at Port Adelaide, where it is presently restored."

Created February 28, 2008