No. 8377. Zeppelin-Lindau Rs.II
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Zeppelin-Lindau Rs.II

11/30/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Dr. Claudius Dornier (May 14, 1884 – December 5, 1969) joined the Zeppelin-Werke Lindau GmbH in 1910 as a test engineer. Dornier soon started to design aircraft and in December 1914 moved with his staff of designers and draftsmen to nearby Seemoos to form the Dornier-Werke department of Zeppelin, although the Rs-types (Riesenflugbote giant flying boats) were built at the Zeppelin works. It was not before January 1, 1917, Dornier’s department became a company under the umbrella of Zeppelin, hence, this Riesenflugboot (giant flying boat) is listed under Zeppelin.

The Rs.II was originally produced with three 240 hp Maybach Mb.IV six-cylinder in-line engines embedded in the fuselage driving three pusher propellers via transmissions. After a few flights the powerplant number and arrangment were changed, four 240 hp Mb.IVs were paired in push-pull configuration between the wing and the top of the fuselage.

Created November 30, 2008