No. 12858. ICP Vimana (N8612E c/n 06-07-53-002)
Photographed at Sun 'n Fun, Lakeland, Florida, USA, April 2010, by Karl Heinz Schmid

ICP Vimana

09/30/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg and Johan Visschedijk: "In 2006 ICP Aviazione s.r.l. of Italy flew a prototype of a new design named the Vimana. The design was meeting the SLSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft) criteria and was of all metal construction. It was fitted with double-slotted wing flaps and also had leading edge slats, resulting in a STOL performance which included a stall speed of only 34 mph.

The type was marketed in the USA by Skykits. Skykits Corporation was founded in 2004 by Eric Giles and was in initially located in High River, Alberta, Canada. The company marketed kits for light aircraft designs developed in Italy by ICP, such as the Savannah. Renamed Skykits USA Corporation, the company moved to Shelby, Montana, USA, on May 18, 2005.

The second Vimana was sent to Skykits USA in 2007, and this received a US CofA on October 15, 2007. Registered N8612E, it was marketed as the Skykits Rampage. Skykits USA moved to a new location in Paris, Tennessee, in October 2010, but is no longer active."

Created September 30, 2015