No. 10536. Götaverken GV-38 (SE-AHD c/n 5)
Photographed ca. 1974 by Jorgen C.C. Elholm

Götaverken GV-38

03/31/2011. In 1906 the shipbuilding and engineering activities of the Keillerska family in Hisingen, Gothenburg, Sweden, where taken over by a new company, "Göteborgs Nya Verkstadsaktiebolag" (Gothenburg New Engineering Company Limited) with the telegraphic address "Götaverken", which became the company name in 1916: "AB Götaverken". In 1934, company president Hugo Hammer initiated the "Götaverken Flygavdelning" (Götaverken Aircraft Department) at the shipyard's woodwork shop. Bo Lundberg became design engineer and test pilot.

As early as January 29, 1935 Götaverken got a license contract for three Hawker Hart trainers for the Swedish AF. In 1938 the company started license production of fourteen examples of the Rearwin 9000-L Sportster, and designated them GV-38. Twelve Fiat C.R.42 Falco fighters were constructed, intended for Finland, these were put in service with F 3 (Flygflottilj, Wing) of the Swedish AF. During the Winter War of 1940 the company assembled sixteen Fiat G.50 fighters and nine Westland Lysander liaison aircraft that were delivered to Finland.

The pictured aircraft was registered to Götaverken as SE-AHD on November 10, 1938. It was sold to N.E. Lenander of Stockholm and during April-May 1940 it was used as a courier aircraft to army and naval forces in Norway, operating from Värmland and Östersund, Sweden. Thereafter it was loaned to Svensk Flygtjänst AB (Swedish Flight Service AB) and was used as a target-tug for the Stockholm air defense. Late 1942 the aircraft was sold to the Nya AB Nils Olofsson at Goteborg, and was used as a personal transport.

G. Westdahl acquired the aircraft in 1954, subsequent owners were
G. Olsson, Inga-Greta Lindberg & Co, and O. Tallberg of Malmberget. The aircraft crashed near Leksand after an engine failure on May 28, 1961, and was deregistered in 1964. In 1972 the aircraft was discovered by an aviation historian outside a country store near Borlänge. Snow packs had broken the wings, these were replaced by the wings of GV-38 number fourteen, SE-AHX. Presently it is under long-term restoration at the Arlanda Flygmuseum at Arlanda, Stockholm.

Created March 31, 2011