No. 10593. Sky Romer 101 (X206E c/n 1001)
Source unknown

Sky Romer 101

04/30/2011. According the Aerofiles this four-seat high-wing cabin monoplane was designed by Paul Hobrock and Glenn Lampton of Hobrock & Associates (later renamed Sky Romer Manufacturing Company, Inc) at Sweebrock Airport, Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1929. With a 45 ft 9 in (13.94 m) span wing, and powered by an 180 hp Wright-Hisso E eight-cylinder water-cooled
V-engine, the sole example was first flown on February 9, 1929, and attained a speed of 105 mph (169 kmh). Its disposition is unknown, reportedly it was dismantled and stored in the early 1930s.

Created April 30, 2011